In 2009, Eco moon pad is born in Squamish, BC, where the lush forests meets the ocean.

My products are washable, which is less impact on landfill of course, but it also gives you a chance to take deep care of your self. 
I believe using washable products takes you to the journey of acceptance, which is otherwise don't have a chance to face while using disposable products. This is truly one of great benefit of washable menstrual pads.

The GOT certified organic cotton is used for all of Eco moon pad products, which is grown and milled with respect of lands, fair labor environment,  little use of herbicide/pesticide and chemicals.

(To grow cotton, huge amont of pesticide/herbicide is used.  That leaves a big impact on farm and enforcing workers in unsafe work environment.)

I also use home grown organic lavendar and chamomile for my eye pillows, and some dyes are harvested from my garden. 
I enjoy beautiful aroma and colors each plants have, and I love to share those with you through my products.

Each products are carefully hand-made, and  naturally hand-dyed by me at my home studio.

They are not coming from factory so there could be slight variances in size or stitching, but I put ∞ love and passion for my products. I hope you'll love my products.

Retail shop in lower mainland.

Squamish : Be Clean Naturally

(downtown Squamish)

Vancouver: Tama Organic 

(East Hastings near highway 1)