ーLuxury flannel cotton Keeps your delicate area warm. 
 Warmth is a great benefit to reduce discomforts.

ーIt has been reported that cloth menstrual pads, can reduce discomfort such as cramping,skin irritation and  brings better menstruation quality(better blood flow, regular cycle,etc..)

 → My personal story

-Know what your body doing is great way to accept and love yourself more. Celebrate the goddess within you!


-Washable/Reusable-No waste!


-All pads are made of the GOT certified organic heavy flannel cotton.  The fabric is required to pass  strict criteria that is safe for environment, land, and worker's environment.


-Beautifully naturally hand-dyed.


- Lasts long! Eco Moon Pads are usually good for a year or two. 


1. Does the pad have enough protection?

Pad is made of heavy flannel cotton for both main structure and layers. Heavy flannel cotton is well known for its great absorbency and is commonly used for cloth menstrual pads and cloth diaper. 

ECO MOON PAD is just right thickness to wear comfortably and absorb well yet easy to care without having bacterial issue. 

To avoid leak, do not wear loose underwear.  
The pad needs to stay in the place without moving.

2.How many time do I change pads?

  As many as you change disposable pads.(Every 2-3 hours?)

3. How many pads do I need?

  15 pads are recommended (half regular/half light) for all time cloth pads. Start with small quantities.  

4. How long pads last?

 A pad is good for at least 2years.

5.Why plant dyed?

 When the fabric is dyed, it gets easier to wash blood off.

I love working with natural dye because they create colors that have both lively and shady tones, not too bright but warm, which you can't get from synthetic dyes.  Every time I dye, I find different color tones.

Natural dye I use ; Purple: LAC,  Rose Pink: Madder

6. Alternative way to use ECO MOON PAD

 -Light protection for reusable cup users.

 -Post partum care.

 -Small urine leak protection for all ages.